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Delta Electronics Ac Adapter ADP-90SB BB 19V 4.74A KÄYTETTY

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Delta Electronics Ac Adapter ADP-90SB BB 19V 4.74A KÄYTETTY

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Power supply adp-90sb/BB, exa0904yh, pa-190-24 for laptop Acer, Asus, BenQ, Clevo, Compaq, Dell, dexp, DNS, ECS / Elitegroup, eMachines, Fujitsu Siemens, Gateway, Gigabyte, HP, IBM, Iru, Lenovo, LG, Mitac, MSI, NEC, Packard Bell, Quanta, Roverbook, Toshiba, uniwill and Lenovo tablet.4.74a, 19V, 90W, connector round 5,5x2,5mm, color black. Sino power manufacturer, China.Compatible with power supplies having a voltage of 20V.Please note, this power supply does not fit most Acer and Packard Bell laptops. Power supply with 5,5X1,7mm connector is suitable for data laptops.Please note, there are other power supplies with 5,5X1,7mm connector and 5,5X3,3mm connector having serial number PA-190-24.Please note, there is another power supply that has a round 4,5x2,8mm connector with a leg in the center with the serial number exa1202yh, which fits other models of Asus laptops. In this case, the choice of the power supply must be made according to the brand and model of the laptop.

List of compatible p/n desk numbers:04g266006002 04g266006022 04g266006060 0713a1990 308745-001 309241-001 310925-001 324815-001 324815-002 324816-001 324816-002 324816-003 325112-001 325112-021 36001927 36001935 36001941 41r4322 41r4326 41r4327 41r4332 41r4336 41r4338 41r4515 45j7708 45j7713 45j7714 45j7715 45j7717 45n0217 45n0218 45n0221 45n0222 57y6349 57y6350 57y6351 adp-90ab adp-90cd/BB adp-90cd/BBA adp-90dd adp-90dd/b adp-90fb/e adp-90fb/F adp-90hb adp-90hd adp-90rh adp-90rh/b adp-90rh/BAF adp-90sb adp-90sb/AB adp-90sb/BB Adp-90sb/bbagf adp-90sb/bbanf adp-90sb/bbasf adp-90sb/bbbax adp-90sb/bbdnf adp-90sb/bbez adp-90yd/b ap.00903.001 ap07501.001 ap.09003.022 AP. a0201.001 AP. a0201.003 AP. a0305.001 AP. a0305.002 AP. a1003.002 AP. a1003.003 AP. t1903.001 AP. t1903.002 cpa-a090 eg410aa eg410aa # ABB exa0904yh f1718 f1718a f1781 f1781a f4600 f4600a f4813 f4813a f4813a # ABA f4814 f4814a f5104 f5104a fpcac33ap fpcac34ap fpcac44 fpcac44b fpcac44w fpcac46 fpcac46a fpcac46ap fpcac51 fpcac51a fpcac51ap fpcac53 fpcac54ap fpcac57 fpcac57ap fsp090-dmbb1 Fsp090-dmbf1 fsp090-dmcb1 hp-ol091b132 hp-ol093b132 lc-t2801-006 lse0202d1990 pa-1900-03 pa-1900-03as pa-1900-03gq pa-1900-03gr pa-1900-04 pa-1900-04ar pa-1900-04gr pa-1900-04i2 pa-1900-05 pa-1900-05aw pa-1900-05c2 pa-1900-05qa pa-1900-06 pa-1900-06f6 pa-1900-15 pa-1900-15ar pa-1900-15g pa-1900-15gr pa-1900-23tr pa-1900-24 pa-1900-30 pa-1900-34 pa-1900-36/PK pa-1900-52lc pa-1900-56lc pa3164e-1aca pa3164u-1aca pa3165e-1aca pa3165e-1acab pa3165u-1aca pa3165u-2aca pa3380e-1aca pa3468u-1aca pa3468u-2aca pa3468u-3aca pa3516c-1ac3 pa3516e-1ac3 pa3516e-1aca pa3516u-1ac3 pa3516u-1aca sls0202a19g57lf sls0202c19g06lf sls0202c19g57lf sls0202d19g06lf sls0202d19g57lf Sls0220a19gThis power supply is compatible with laptop models:This power supply is suitable to all ноутбукам Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo, Fujitsu, MSI and other laptops имеющими output voltage 19V, current 4.74a, and Jack 5.5 х2.5mm.Pavilion ze4000, Pavilion ze5000, G1, G3, Inspiron 1000 , Inspiron 3000, Inspiron 3200, Inspiron 3500, Inspiron 3700, Inspiron D233, Inspiron d266, Inspiron D300, latitude 110l, smartstep 200N, evo N105, Evo n115, Evo N160, Evo N180, Omnibook 2100, Omnibook 3000, Omnibook 3100, Omnibook 4000, Omnibook 4100, Omnibook 4150, Omnibook 500, Omnibook 6000, Omnibook 7000, Omnibook 7100, Omnibook 7150, Omnibook Xe, Omnibook Xe 4400 5200, Omnibook XE2, omnibook XE3, Omnibook XT, Omnibook XZ, Omnibook Ze, Omnibook ZT, Pavilion 3270, Pavilion 5170, Pavilion N3000, Pavilion n3100, Pavilion n3150, Pavilion n3250, Pavilion n3290, Pavilion n3310, Pavilion n3330, Pavilion n3350, Pavilion n3370, Pavilion n3390, Pavilion n3410, Pavilion n5000, Pavilion n5100, Pavilion n5100, Pavilion pavilion n5125, Pavilion n5130, Pavilion n5150, Pavilion n5190, Pavilion n4400-5200, Pavilion n5210, Pavilion n5270, Pavilion n5290, Pavilion n5300, Pavilion n5340, Pavilion n5350, Pavilion n5380, Pavilion n5390, Pavilion n5400, Pavilion n5511l, Pavilion n5584, Pavilion XH, Pavilion XT, Pavilion xz185, Pavilion xilion pavilion xz295, Pavilion xz355, Pavilion Ze, Pavilion ze1000, Pavilion Ze4100, Pavilion Ze4200, Pavilion Ze4300, Pavilion ze4400-5200, Pavilion ZF, Presario 1000, Presario 1200, Presario 12XL, Presario 1400, Presario 2100, Presario 2146ea, Presario 2147ad, Presario 2500, nx9000, nx9005, nx9010, E500 gp11r, e500 sp11r, E500 sp12r, E500 sp1kr, e500-a202r1, e500-a205r1, e500-a207r1, e500-a215r1, e500-a244r1, e500-ap10r1, E500-ap11r1, e500-ap15r1, e500-ap17r1, e500-ap21r1, e500-ap22r1, e500-ap31r, e500-ap35r, e500-ap44r, e500-ap47r1, e500-ap48r1, e500-ap51r1, e500-ap55r1, e500-g244r1, e500-gp11r1, e500-sp12r1, e500-sp17r1, e500-up21r1, F1, f1-255dr, f1-258dr1, f1-2a5dr1, f1-2a7dr1, f1-2a8dr1, fs-2, fs-2a, K2, satellite 1100, satellite 1110, Satellite 1115, satellite 1600, satellite 1605, satellite 1620, satellite 1625, satellite 1640, satellite 1675, satellite 1690, satellite 1695, satellite 1700, satellite 1710, satellite 1715, 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